My Wedding Dress Purchase

You can buy a lot of cheap stuff online. Clothes, trinkets, electronics, vape pens, cannabis edibles, cars, furniture, and even wild animals. Sometimes cheaper items are used, like on Ebay, so that’s why it could be cheap. Other times it’s just about convenience. I rarely go to the store nowadays. I mainly shop at Amazon and Alibaba. I even get my groceries there or local Asian grocery marts. I don’t like the hassle of dealing with large companies in person. Companies like Target or Walmart especially grind my gears.

Dresses can be super expensive in person, and cheap online. Macy’s JC Penney, and even places like Windsor are way too overpriced. I got my wedding dress online from a store called Free People. It was $400. That seems expensive, but it’s cheap for a wedding dress. Very cheap. People pay upwards of $20,000 for wedding dresses. My wedding dress was the price of most Prom dresses, and it is so gorgeous. If it cost $5,000, I still would still buy it. It’s so sexy and feminine. I still get compliments on it when I show people my wedding photos from 5 years ago. It fit my curves perfectly and I hope my babygirl can wear it some day. It’s made of French lace, imported directly from France. The best part about the dress is that I can wear it again and again.

Since I bought it, I’ve found many similar dresses from online boutiques. I live in a more tropical environment now, so I have even more opportunities to wear my beautiful dress. Even if I never got to wear it after my wedding, I still saved a ton of money and looked absolutely beautiful. I know I looked beautiful because that day was one of my favorite days to look back on.



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